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Design 28: Pieces of a Dream in B&W

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I thought I’d try something different to jumpstart me creating again.  I like having a challenge to inspire me.  Today I started with K’lee and Dale’s …

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Design 23.5 : V-neck Goddess t-shirt

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Carol wore my Goddess redesigned t-shirt and Kris’s friend saw it and loved it. Merch Amazon did a good job printing it and the colors looked …


Design 24. Cactus Cards

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My Cactus Dreams on a card, and a close up too. Believe Your Dreams (personalize & shadow) Card Cactus Dreams blank notecard Design 24. Cactus Cards …


Information : about dpi, ppi, image formats and Zazzle

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I shared my Pinkie t-shirt on my CactusCatz blog.  Crystal asked how to make something on Zazzle and asked if she could do a gif.  Since …


Review : kimono flower post-its and other random thoughts

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Kimono flowers post-its 3×3 (personalize) post-it notes I got back the Kimono Flower post-it.  I’m pretty happy with it.  It came back a bit lighter than …


Design 21: Sis

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Sis, you’re the best! (two areas to personalize) card A picture of myself and my sister that I colored in Photoshop and then desaturated for a …


Design 20 : No need to fear, coffee is here mug

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A fun 20 oz coffee mug for those of us who panic without our caffeine. “Coffee” is personalizable so you can change it to your favorite …


Design 19 : I’m not the Cook Apron

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Design 19: On this one the words “the Cook” are personalizable so people can change them to anything they want like “Keep Calm, I’m not the …


Design 18. Pinkie Redux

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I said I would redo the Pinkie redux and and just got back the redone design.  There are some differences. I burned in Pinkie’s ear on …


Design 17 : kimono flower post-its

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Kimono flowers post-its 3×3 (personalize) post-it notes Kimono flowers post-its 3×4 (personalize) post-it notes Kimono flowers post-its 4×6 (personalize) post-it notes This one I took my …

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