Design 9 : 2 Bumperstickers


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Still playing catchup posting my designs I do daily.  So April 3rd, I did the vintage cat for the first time on a couple of bumperstickers.  I have this one for sale

Cat Just One More for the Road bumpersticker Bumper Sticker

I did this bumpersticker too:

Crazy Cat Lady bumpersticker Bumper Sticker

However, after I received it, I decided the font size is too small for a bumpersticker but I thought it might be cool on a cup. A couple weeks later, I did the mug which I wrote about in a previous post. I took off this version of Who’s a Crazy Cat Lady bumpersticker and will do another one in a larger font size when it comes on sale.

and that’s it for #9.


disclaimer: as a designer of the cards, Zazzle gives me a royalty if anyone buys anything with my design. As an associate, I may earn a commission if someone buys something by clicking links on this page whether or not I’m the designer.


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  1. Brian Frum says:

    Good bumperstickers always make us smile!


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