Design 11 : Goddess, Keep your arm around my shoulder


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This one is a T-shirt design.

Kris bought it for Lisa and Carol told me they liked it.

When it arrived, I tried to take a pic but the wind was blowing around so  I ended up having to drape it over a chair and holding it with one hand.

I like the font Magnolia by Mellow Design Lab.  I like the chocolate and how well the font printed.

I like the vintage goddess figure but I don’t think she printed as well so I have some ambivalence here.  Needs more than just the font though.

Magnolia by Mellow Design Lab


disclaimer: as a designer of the cards, Zazzle gives me a royalty if anyone buys anything with my design. As an associate, I may earn a commission if someone buys something by clicking links on this page whether or not I’m the designer.


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