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Carol had seen my Goddess t-shirt and asked to see one in rainbow. She wanted something bright and happy. I decided to do a slight redesign while I was at it.

Womens Goddess Keep your Arm around my Shoulder Women’s T-shirt

Amazon also finished the review of my first t-shirt so now that is up.

Be yourself Black T-shirt 100% Cotton

Things I’ve learned about the Merch Amazon program by my third day.

Most places once you get accepted, you can upload as many designs as you want but the Merch Amazon t-shirt program has a tier system.  To move to the next level, you have to have sold that amount on the level you are at.  For example Tier 1 allows 10 designs.  To get to Tier 2, you have to sell 10 shirts.  They state there is also a quality component to get to the next level but I’m not sure how that will work.  I read that if during a review stage, Amazon thinks you have quality designs or good sales, you may skip a tierThe faq on “upload a day” states “This number is based on your tier and the daily publish limit may decrease based on current capacity.”  I’m at level 1 and right now I’m only allowed to upload one design a day.


Tier Level how many designs you can upload in a day total designs you can have in your marketplace
1  1 a day  10
2  2 a day  25
3  5 a day  100
4  10 a day  500
5  20 a day 1000
6 40 a day 2000
7 80 a day 4000
8 160 a day 8000
pro (by invite only) 8000+

Another difference is if no one buys your design within 90 days, Amazon automatically takes it down.  The idea is that only things that sell should be listed and they are helping to curate your list.  You are allowed to relist your nonseller and retrigger the 90 days.  You are also allowed to buy the item yourself and that will count as a buy leaving it up indefinitely.

Choices to make when you upload a design. 
These choices are important to get right the first time because to my chagrin, you can’t go back and change them after you have uploaded.  So the only way to change it is to do the design again which restarts the review process.

What is it?    Standard T-shirt, Premium T-shirt, Long-sleeve t-shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodie.  You can only choose one so if you want to put the same design on another shirt, it counts as a different product.  Each item being a separate product will count against your total product count which at the lower levels may mean you only choose one type intially.

Who gets it?    Men (S-3XL), Women (S-XL), Kids (k4-k12) — you can do one, two or all

Be aware Men’s Sizes come is S-3XL but Women’s Sizes only come in sizes S-XL.  So if you’ve designed a very girly design that men won’t like, you still might like to choose men’s size as an option so that bigger women can order a size that fits them.

Colors: You will be able to choose 5 colors

These next choices you can edit even after you put the design name

Store name:  Whatever you want your store name to be.  Be aware that this can make your items show up together when the store name is clicked.  So for example, 2 shirts I listed under “Cactus Dreams” and the 3rd shirt I listed under “Cactus Dreams T-shirt” .  So if I click on the name “Cactus Dreams”, my third shirt doesn’t show up because “Cactus Dreams T-shirt” shows up as a different store.

Product title:  The name of your shirt.  Make the words something that someone might search for because words are used in Amazon’s search engines.  And Google too.

Product description: Describe your product.  Again this is searchable.  Amazon doesn’t have a keyword field so this area becomes vitally important to help people find your shirts.


So that’s it for the day


Disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate so I may get a small payment if anyone buys anything by clicking the Amazon link. I am also the t-shirts designer. Amazon requires this next quote: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”




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  1. Brian Frum says:

    That was pretty interesting about all the rules. Best of luck!

    • MNL says:

      Yeah, sometimes it feels like a maze. I guess if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Wait! Everyone is doing it, lol.


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