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Last few days I’ve been working on reorganizing this site.  I wanted to use the “Newspaper” theme that I am using on my blog but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be accessible for here.  So instead I am experimenting with Modern, a magazine type theme.  It’s interesting because the front page is organized by categories so you can pop out certain types of things.  It won’t let me set out a section as “recent posts” so I think I’ll have to create a new category of “recent” so that the first section is the latest posts.

The other thing I’ve been working with is the WooCommerce widget.  I was trying to create a store by organizing tables to create a layout of products but honestly it’s been a pain.  I also had a section of prototypes that when I bought my first sample, I could move into reject or store pages.  Considering the goal of a design a day, that didn’t turn out.  I can’t buy everything I design.

The WooCommerce widget is designed as a store widget but you can set it for affiliates which doing the POD (purchase on demand) designed products like I do with Zazzle and Merch Amazon works out pretty well because you can plop in the url to the product.  You still have some work: title, description, category and tags.  The nice thing is that you can make the categories into menu items.  It makes it really easy because the product will show on all pages that you have categorized for it.  So much easier than hand doing them on tables for each page.

Of course, now I have to add the products.  So far, I’ve gotten through the Amazon t-shirts, and the Zazzle notecards and postcards.  I’ll be adding the rest of the stuff over the next week.

Now that the learning curve of the theme and the wooCommerce setup is done, I’ll be going back to doing the design challenge.

what do you think of the front page?  Do you like it?




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  1. Brian Frum says:

    The store looks really nice, that’s a lot of work!


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