Design 40 : Daily Dose # 3 Zest Coffee Haiku blank notecards, 3 styles


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Gosh I have to say it.  I do love coffee.

I’ve been keeping up with posting one coffee haiku a day on my Instagram feed but am a tad behind on making the cards.  This is Daily Dose #3 and I am already up to #15.

Remember I said I was looking into the square format cards.  Well, I found out why none of the POD sites carry square notecards.  It’s because the Postal Service charges extra postage if the cards are square and it’s been that way for decades.  They claim the square format jams up their machines.  You have to wonder if during the ensuing decades, the machines’ performance might have been improved.  In this era where the square format photo is becoming popular due to Instagram, it might be time for them to make a change.  Until then, I will have to reformat my square Haiku presentation into a rectangle.  It’s too bad because I feel the square is more Haiku-ish.

This time we’ve moved away from the lattes of the two cards and have ventured into the coffee bean market.  Don’t you adore the release of coffee’s aroma when you grind up the beans? It’s amazing.  Like a promise of things to come.  Recently I’ve changed the Daily Dose Coffee color palette.The cards are being made in the new palette.

Daily Dose Coffee #3 Coffee Bean Zest Notecard version, text cannot be changed.


Coffee Bean Zest Notecard with customizable text version

With this card, you can replace the featured poem with words of your own.  There’s enough space for four lines.


Coffee Bean Zest Notecard with no text on the cover

What do you love most about coffee?

4 Replies to “Design 40 : Daily Dose # 3 Zest Coffee Haiku blank notecards, 3 styles”

  1. Brian Frum says:

    Those are terrific for any and all coffee lovers!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I send square cards now and again, and always thought the problem with the square shape was the machines looking for the stamp on the side if the envelope went thru on it’s side and not finding it. Then they got to reshuffle it to look again! I do like the cards and note-cards with nothing written. I use them an awful lot for long distance correspondence. I am old but am keeping the art of letter writing alive.

    • MNL says:

      That’s cool that you send cards and write letters. I think people really love getting cards and letters in the mail especially since it’s getting so rare these days. Email, facebook and all the rest are faster but it’s so much nicer when you have something you can hold in your hand, I think.


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