Tucson geocaching adventures : rattlesnake!


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Tucson geocaching adventures : rattlesnake!

Tammy_B and I went geocaching late at night earlier this year (April 2nd). We spotted a rattlesnake crossing the dirt road in front of us. Yes, we were in the car.

Well, of course, I slapped a 300mm telephoto lens on and jumped out of the car to take his photo. Even with the car lights, the first few pics were blurry, too much hand movement because it was so dark. So I used a flash.

The bright light pissed him off and he turned and hissed at me! Good thing he wasn’t close. 50 feet? Thank goodness for telephotos.

We waited for him to cross because of course the geocache was on the other side of him. Found it!

Something made me remember this tonight. Some caches you don’t forget.



Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz on October 15th.  Note:  I have backdated this entry as I am putting all my geocaching instagram posts on Cactus Dreams so am catching up to where I am today.


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  1. Yes, the rattlesnake was another geocaching serendipity. There is always something interesting out there on the geotrail!


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