Geocaching in Tucson : false clue


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Geocaching in Tucson : false clue

When you see something obvious near a gps point, you think it’s a clue. And a painted rock! That’s like a biiiig clue! Not. It was a coincidence. Since it was a church yard, the rock was left by a nongeocacher for his girl. tammy_b said she saw it there the year before too. I thought it was sweet and wondered what the story was. Why a rock and not cards or something?

The cache was not too far away though. Sometimes when a clue seems so obvious (and you don’t know it’s not a clue at all), you just have to let the illusion go so that you can find the real object of your desire. A decoy can keep you searching in the wrong area, even if it’s just a few feet in the wrong direction that can make all the difference. Breathe. Let it go. Aha! Found it!

I thought it was funny seeing that rock because I was out geocaching with tammy_b.

GC74ZP1 is in a lovely church’s courtyard. Saint Philip’s In The Hills Episcopal Church. I should have gone into the church too. I’m sure the architecture would have given some lovely photos but I was on the hunt and a tad distracted. I get like that sometimes.

Raven Art Studio wrote up a cool description of the labyrinth in honor of the labyrinth around the fountain.


Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz .  Note:  I have backdated this entry as I am putting all my geocaching instagram posts on Cactus Dreams so am catching up to where I am today.


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  1. Brian Frum says:

    That must have been a rock on message!


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