Geocaching in Tucson : urban wilderness areas


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I never knew Tucson had so many wilderness areas inside the city until I started geocaching. People hide caches in the washes filled with trees, shrubs and cacti. Of course, if you put something before the waterline you have to make sure it’s watertight and attached or heavy enough to not float away in a flash flood.

So into the wash we go. GC20ZYV was not so bad, there was a lot of sandy pathways and the cache was huge so people put a lot of swag in there. The next wash tammy_b and I scrambled down into, I scrambled down a steep banks to get to the riverbed. Do we say washbed? Then down in the wash, I dodged shrubs attacking me with thorns that poked me through my shirt. Cacti thorns are super long; one pierced my sneaker’s thick soles. Ewww, what’s that?

Why am I doing this? Looking for jars, pipes and little microcaches hanging on branches to log my name on a tiny piece of paper? Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Ooooh. Found it!

And once you find something? You see the easy path that other geocachers took. It’s like a Geocacher’s Murphy’s Law.

Oh and once you find something, no matter how many thorns or the difficulty, you forget everything once you log your name. But if you don’t find it??? Beware the wrath of the DNF!!!



Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz .  Note:  I have backdated this entry as I am putting all my geocaching instagram posts on Cactus Dreams so am catching up to where I am today.


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  1. Brian Frum says:

    Cool find but we’d be on the other list!


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