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This cache was hidden in a tin. I love the irony inside the tin’s lid. Geocaching is more fun than working out or “exercising your great taste”.

Okay, yes, you can be a fashionista if you’re a geocacher but … Don’t wear heels. We had to walk into the desert to find this one, leaving the car parked, dodging cactus and shrubs.

Geocaching in Tucson, sky blue Brighton tin beneath dead roots, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved,

Brighton Box beneath a root.

Oh, and don’t wear anything you can’t get dirty because odds are you’re going to get dirty. Lotsa pockets is a good thing for pens, tweezers, and swag. If you’re really nice, you’ll even have replacement logs in case the one you find is full. I pat my vest with tons of pockets. It’s ugly but I love it.

Once we got to the coordinates, the bright blue Brighton tin heart was not that hard to spot. One of the fun things about geocaching is that you can recycle.  That Christmas tin of chocolates?  When you’re done gulping those down, you can use it to make a geocache in a special spot.  Those little plastic toys that your kids have outgrown? Then can continue to provide joy by being a nifty surprise when a geocacher opens a box.  It’s all fun.

Ok, you’re thinking but a tin would be so easy to spot.  Well yes.  Sometimes a cache is hard to spot but sometimes it’s easy.  Often the easy caches are big enough to put in swag or trackables as I showed in a previous post.  In this case the place was near a railroad track because the cache owners’ son liked trains.  You probably saw my earlier photo with the train.  Yep, this is the geocache that gave me that lovely photo op.

Well, tammy_b and I signed the log so it’s time to go.

tammy_b wanted to shimmy under a barbed wire fence to get to the next cache. She is dedicated. Ummm, me? Uh. My vest is tough … but me?  Rocks at my back? Barbed wire at my tummy?  uhhhh.  Well, you gotta draw the line somewhere. I said let’s drive around.

But we were losing the light (sunset’s golden hour! and I kept pausing to take photos) — so the hike will recommence on another day … in warm comfy shoes and clothes. We’re no dummies. It’s fun to walk into the desert finding treasures — tins, buttons, beads, and tiny toys. My kind of workout.

Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz . Note: I have backdated this entry as I am putting all my geocaching instagram posts on Cactus Dreams so am catching up to where I am today. Affiliate disclosures on the bottom.

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4 Replies to “Geocaching in Tucson : Ironic tin”

  1. Sa says:

    This looks like a fun adventurous workout! 2 for 1 deal. I know you’ve been posting about geocaching for a while, but it just registered to me what it actually is! I heard of it while I was in college and a classmate showed me a Youtube video of how it worked.

    • MNL says:

      it’s fun and it’s all over. There was even one on the space station. Took years before an astronaut was a geocacher and found it though. Easier to learn to do it with a friend who does it though. Some of the hides are tricky

  2. Brian Frum says:

    Cool tin and you’re glad you flipped your lid!


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