Geocaching in Tucson : Bye Bye Owl


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Geocaching in Tucson : Bye Bye Owl

After visiting Sumiko, I checked c:geo app to look for nearby caches that I might hit on my walk home.

Hey look! There’s a wash behind Sumiko’s house. GC7TQ8V is on the other side of the wash.

Went down a dirt alley to get behind the houses, then walked a bit to find a good place to get down the bank of the wash and across. Luckily, this is Arizona and there was no water or I would have to go round to the road bridging the wash.

Rabbits hopped among the bushes and mesquite trees. They scattered as soon as they heard me coming. I was not quick enough to get my camera out. Darn!

I smell a pile of rotting pomegranates that someone had dropped off. Maybe that’s why there were so many rabbits around. I bet this had been their lunch.

I see a glimmer of plastic at the base of a thorny tree. Reach in (oh, so carefully. got scratched anyways). It’s a little plastic camera case. Perfect for a cache.

Inside is a log (I signed it) and a little monster magnet. I dropped off the owl to keep the monster company. Another day, another cache. Yay!

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