Geocaching in Tucson : First trackable, firefighters and John Dillinger


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geocaching trackable, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved,

first geocaching trackable

tammy_b (@ttcm4geo on instagram) gave me this little travel bug. My very first one.You set a mission for your trackable and when it accomplishes it, it comes home.  People also log where and when they find it and sometimes add other things into the log.

TB8EJFD Mission: Galapagos Islands.

I asked that people talk about firefighter deeds (anything they do because they do a lot, not just fight fires) or famous fires in their area.

Here is a famous one in Tucson to start and

how firefighters helped to capture John Dillinger’s gang

1934 Congress Hotel Fire, Tucson, Arizona, USA
100 guests evacuated the hotel but a couple men paid two firefighters $12 to bring down their luggage. The firefighters noted how heavy the bags were as they carried them down and handed them over.

Back at the station, reading True Detective, the firefighters saw that the two men were in John Dillinger’s gang and reported them to the police. Shortly thereafter the police were able to arrest the whole gang without a shot fired.

The luggage? machine guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and bullet proof vests. No wonder it was so heavy! The police also recovered $26,000 which in 2018 would be worth $489,807.


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  1. Brian Frum says:

    That’s very cool and so are fire fighters, true heroes all.


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