Geocaching in Tucson : Muggled!


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Geocaching in Tucson : Muggled!

tugies mystery cache! Count the red flowers. If 20, go north 175 feet. If 18, go east 280 east. If 16, go south 0.14 miles.

Look those purple flowers in the middle have red on them. Do they count? I say yes, Tammy says no. Both of us missed the gargoyle carrying two flowers on the right. Doesn’t help that we’re doing this at night using a flashlight. Darn.

Doesn’t matter. We tried all three directions and no luck. We especially searched four different sets of bumblebees as they are a favorite hiding place.  Bumble bees are those yellow-striped black posts at the end of a road or an alley to warn drivers they can’t go down that way.  They are also popular places to stash a nano with a magnet.  A Nano is a teeny tiny tube with enough room for a little rolled up log.  Some of them are magnetized so you can put them inside a post like a bumblebee. Tammy tells me on these logs it’s rude t sign with your name and date like the others because it fills up the log too fast.  You just initial it.  If you can find it.

When we couldn’t find it at any of the three directions, Tammy messaged tugies to see if we could get a hint.  Turns out the darn microcache was muggled from the bumblebee! One of the ones we did search. Darn it!

tugies told tammy_b that it got muggled before so tammy_b set out a new nano. Hopefully this time muggles will leave it alone. Geez, spiders in the bumble bee.

what? you want to know how many flowers? hmmm, do you really want to know? What if you visit Tucson? You can find it when you come… if it’s not muggled!

Geocaching Vocabulary

muggled” means a non-geocacher finds a geocache and takes it.  A lot of times they just throw it away.  Sometimes in a neighborhood, someone notices a lot of people going to one spot and will check it out.  Some people will take it because they like it, they think it is garbarge or they want to discourage geocachers from coming to their neighborhood.  That’s why it’s encouraged when you are geocaching in a city, to look around and make sure there are no people around when you find a geocache. Out in the wilderness, if a cache gets taken, it might be an animal.  After her cache in the desert disappeared, a friend found her cache (a flat tin) being used as a part of a wall of a packrat’s abode.  She took it back but put in a flat stone about the same size so it wouldn’t lose the wall. And yes, a geocacher might go looking for their lost caches to rescue them especially if the container was a cool one. Most times though, people just put out a new geocache container.

mystery cache” is a cache with a hint that needs to be solved.  When you go to the latitude and longitude of a mystery cache, you don’t find a cache.  Instead you find information that you need to solve the hint.  Solving the mystery will give you another location.  That location is where the geocache is located .  Mysteries vary in difficulty.  Some are easy — the number above a door may give you the numbers you need for the longitude or latitude.  Some are very difficult — you practically need an engineering or math degree to figure out the theorem they used for the mystery.  The geocacher will rate their mystery from 1 for easy to 5 for extremely difficult.

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2 Replies to “Geocaching in Tucson : Muggled!”

  1. Brian Frum says:

    No wonder it was a no find thing!

    • MNL says:

      Yeah, sometimes you don’t find them because it’s hard to find– and sometimes it’s because it’s not there any more. What people do is check the log — if the last few is dnf (did not find), then the assumption is it was muggled.


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