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A few sprinkles doesn’t stop tammy_b and I from heading out to geocache. The bit of drizzling soon stopped anyways. Driving away from a cool art cache, Tammy said “Look!”

A rainbow!

I love rainbows! If I’d have been inside out of the cold, I would have missed it.

Geocaching is great — it’s so easy to stay inside and geocaching encourages you to go out.  I’m not one to walk just to walk because I have to exercise for half an hour or whatever.  So I like the way with geocaching you have minigoals (the caches) and they encourage me to go to places and see things I wouldn’t see even within my own city, good ole Tucson.  So much fun.

Also appeared on instagram @cactus_catz although I’ve added a little more here. Note: I’ll be backdating this entry as I am putting all my geocaching instagram posts on Cactus Dreams so am catching up to where I am today. Affiliate disclosures on the bottom.

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The t-shirt is the first in a series I am starting, inspired by my experiences in geocaching.

I am the designer/creator of the t-shirt Amazon pays me a royalty if you buy the shirt. Yay! I am also an Amazon affiliate on the US site. Amazon disclosure: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.” My being an affiliate does not affect your pricing. The price remains the same whether you use an affiliate link or go directly to Amazon by yourself.


6 Replies to “Geocaching in Tucson : rainbow”

  1. Leaving social media at home–unless you are carrying it around in your pocket!–to go outdoors is a great thing. Exercise and fresh air do wonders for the mind and body. When was the last time you went outside at night and looked up at a star?

    • MNL says:

      I love going outside to look at the stars. Tucson has pretty clear skies so the stars are really bright here. And on full moon nights, you don’t even need street lamps. I love the skies here. I wish I had an easy way up to the roof as I’d like to set up a seat up there to be able to take pics of the sky without all the telephone wires. How about where you live?

  2. Brian Frum says:

    I take it you didn’t find the pot of gold!

    • MNL says:

      omg! no. I wish I had. Taking my car to the shop again. Crossing my fingers this gets it fixed. I need the gold to pay the mechanic!

  3. Tammy P Bose says:

    Cool t- shirts. Do you have them in long sleeve?


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