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The Challenge

So here’s my challenge.  One design a week.  (Yeah, I was going to do one a day, but I found I could do that if I just flung a bunch of text around.  Since i like images too and often spend time playing with them, I found a design a day is not doable.)

Here are my challenge parameters:

  • one new design a week
  • art that can be used are my own photography and my own art — as is or transformed; art/words that was published before 1927 because they are now in the public domain in the USA; art/words that are in the public domain; art/words for which I have  a license to use

A new design will count even if I end up not listing the design in the shop.  I will be giving reviews on products as I receive them.  If they are not up to snuff, for example they look cheap, then I will not list the product although I probably will test the design on another product again.  I expect everything done will be used eventually.

Because I am doing a challenge and I am learning as I am going, I will try to share with tutorials and reviews.  I will also show my prototypes (the ones I am waiting to see how they turn out) and the rejects (the ones that didn’t for various reasons) as well as the things that are on sale. This is about the process as well as the finished products.


It’s easy to say I have a million ideas.  So many things pop into my head all the time.  And I am a dreamer walking the lines between poetry, fiction, and photography in real and virtual worlds. So what do we do to make those nebulous ideas into reality? I do poetry/fiction on Cactus Haiku and share my photography on Cactus Catz.  Yet I want to do something more.  I’d like to make things that are physical rather than virtual.

And yes, to be honest, I’d like to make a living from this.  I’d like to go on a long roadtrip — I have an idea that I’d like to photograph and with any luck I’d be going from Canada to Mexico. So I was brainstorming ideas of work that can be done while I’m on the road.  Which brings me to here.

I’ve joined Zazzle and will be joining others.  At these sites, you design, you own the designs but they sell it. They take the money from the new owner, make the item and ship it to the new home.  You only get about 15%.  Actually you can also get 15% by featuring other people’s stuff too which I may do.  But I was reading and people were saying they didn’t start selling regularly until they had 600 designs up.


That’s a lot.  So I decided to do a design-a-day challenge.  The designs will be for Zazzle or one of the other sell-your-design sites.  For now I’m starting with Zazzle.  Since Zazzle has a sale on a category every few days, the design will be in the sale category for a pragmatic reason actually.  Many of their items don’t have a template and they don’t give you a prototype so you can see how it looks.  If you’re a popular featured designer, maybe things are different.  But for now, I’m a new designer on their site.

I hope you will join me on the journey.

Update 6/12/18

I fell off the bandwagon due to having to figure out a privacy policy and also doing a redesign of my site.  So I’m going to start over as soon as the redesign is finished.

Update 7/16/18

Starting back up but changed the challenge from one design a day (crazy right?!!!) to one design a week




3 Replies to “About”

  1. Elsie Hagley says:

    I tried posting a link on your last post. I don’t know if you got it as it disappeared.
    Please check out this link as everytime I bring up your Website on Chrome it say’s your website is Insecure.
    https://colleenchesebro.com/2018/09/16/http-vs-https-why-is-this-important/ Hope you don’t mind me telling you.

    • MNL says:

      I got it. Sorry I manually approve so if I’m sleeping or have gone out, it doesn’t get approved for up to 8-10 hours sometimes.

    • MNL says:

      Just checking, I am assuming you mean my poetry site which doesn’t have a https certificate. I did pay more than $80 for a https certificate for cactusdreams because it’s might become an actual shop one day. Right now, it’s affiliate links because I do POD and Amazon and Zazzle take the financial info, make it and ship it. One day though I hope to be able to have actual physical products and then the certificate will actually be of use.


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