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Design 40 : Daily Dose # 3 Zest Coffee Haiku blank notecards, 3 styles

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Gosh I have to say it.  I do love coffee. I’ve been keeping up with posting one coffee haiku a day on my Instagram feed but …

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Design 39 : Daily Dose # 2 Don’t Talk to Me Coffee

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Today is the second day for my Daily Dose Instagram series. Another senryu/haiku.  Can I do it?  365 days of coffee poems, quotes and trivia? As …

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Design 38: Daily Dose, Instagram and Coffee notecards

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I’ve been playing with Instagram.  So fun!  Thing is I love coffee and it turns out so do a lot of other folks.  So I get …


Design 37? My first coffee quote

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I made up my first coffee quote! Expresso meets Cream It’s love at first sip I’m not one of those people who are clever and say …

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Design 36 : Geocaching t-shirt

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Tammy introduced me to Geocaching.  I love search and find computer games.  Geocaching is just like that but outdoors.  You have the GPS coordinates (longitude and …


Design 34 & 35: Two more coffee blank notecards and I sold one!

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I love coffee, especially lattes so I’ve decided to do a series. I sold this one with the haiku.  In Zazzle, you can set a text …


Design 33: Latte notecard

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I think I’m going to go on a coffee binge.  I do love latte art.  Here’s a cool leaf done by the barista at Crave Coffee …

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Design 32 : “Fly Free” T-shirt, mouse pad and blank notecard

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Lying with the sand against my back, I photographed the sky at Capitola, California. I snapped a flight of pelicans as they flew overhead. My first …

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Design 31 : Latte Haiku t-shirt

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Yay! I finally made another t-shirt.  So happy.  Actually made two so I’m on a roll.  Here is my first one.  What do you think? and …


Design 30 : Hawk in vintage style, a beautiful spirit of the natural world

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Okay so today, I’m in a hurry.  I want to keep my commitment to a weekend photograph/digital art and making something whether it’s a card or …

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