I win money by losing weight in the HealthyWage’s 6% Jackpot Challenges. I am also participating in the big HealthyWager bet and hope to lose a total of 65 pounds by deadline on June 4th. If I do, I will win a whooping $768. Click on my friend link to find out more about HealthyWager.  I also post weekly about my progress on my Cactus Catz blog.

Cactus Dreams/Catz/Haiku Trifecta: Truth is I’m a Renaissance woman. I love more than one thing so trying to squeeze myself into specializing . . . shrugs. How many of you are enriched by following multiple paths? Yay! Let’s unite! Links below to Geocaching t-shirts, Coffee Notecards, Cactus Haiku (poetry), Cactus Dreams (my store) Cactus Catz (Tucson, food, art, losing weight). Geocaching: I’ve been on a geocaching thing lately. So I compiled lists from various sites of cool t-shirts. Also I’m designing t-shirts based on my own geocaching experiences.
1. 10 Cool Geocaching T-shirts series Part 1 : Zazzle2. 10 Cool Geocaching T-shirts series Part 2 : Amazon3. 10 Cool Geocaching T-shirts series Part 3 : TeePublic cactus dreams t-shirt, by Cactus Dreamsgeocaching t-shirt by Cactus Dreams, all rights reserved, cactusdreams.com
Coffee Notecards
Coffee notecards
Cactus Haiku
Cactus Haiku
Cactus Catz

Cactus Dreams
Cactus Dreams

Coffee is here (customizable, change “coffee”) magic mug

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I designed some items on this page so will get a royalty if products I designed are purchased. Also as an affiliate for Amazon, Zazzle and HealthyWage, I may earn an affiliate fee/commission if links on this page are used to buy other items or to join/signup.  It doesn’t effect your pricing.
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