Customizable Priceless Coffee Haiku Blank Notecard

many priceless things :
good friends, sunsets, caffeine jolts –
no laptop crashes

senryu by cactus haiku

You can change the words! Keep the haiku or change the words to your own poem or words on this blank notecard. Perfect for good friends, coffee lovers and everyone who hates laptop crashes.

I love latte art, especially hearts! I took the photograph in a Los Gatos, California cafe.

Card sold on Zazzle.  Clicking the “buy product” button will take you to my USA Zazzle Cactus Dreams store.  See the description field below For other countries if you live in other countries, Black Zazzle shipping program and designer/affiliate disclosure note.


If you click the “buy product” button, it will take you to the USA Zazzle Site.  For other countries, click these links:

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As a Zazzle designer and an affiliate, I earn a small commission/royalty/fee on card sales.  Your cost remains the same.  Just a heads up: when you click the button, it takes you to my card.  Zazzle often has sales so check right under the price for a discount code.  Copy the discount code and use it at checkout.  Also Zazzle does charge shipping.  But they have a Black Zazzle plan which gives free shipping for $5.99 a year.  Black Zazzle does have a short free-trial period if you want to try it out.  Just remember to quit it before the free trial is over if you decide you don’t want to do it.  Black Zazzle is great if you’re likely to shop again on Zazzle.

Photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.



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