Post-its: I want to make some changes in these but for some reason they are not showing up on my store page so can’t edit or delete them.

Poppy field post-its 4x6 (personalize) post-it notes

Poppy field post-its 4×6 (personalize) post-it notes
Poppy field post-its 3x3 (personalize) post-it notes

Poppy field post-its 3×3 (personalize) post-it notes
Poppy field post-its 3x4 (personalize) post-it notes

Poppy field post-its 3×4 (personalize) post-it notes

Pillows: not really rejects.  I did the design up for K&M and they said people bought a lot of pillows off their wedding registry list.  I just don’t want to put a pillow up in the good pile until I see how they turn out.  Maybe I’ll do one up for Lisa and Kris the next time they go on sale.

Socks: prints on the white sock.  had a black line down the middle in the front and the back.  I think the designs can only be on white.  Flowers looked great though.


On the Mermaid, I was experimenting with an image I created and redid it in 3 styles: El Greco, Expressionist and Impressionist.  I asked people which one they liked best.  Expressionist is in the lead.  I am going to delete the other two from the Zazzle market but want to wait until I get my card unless one of the cards changes my mind.

Further note.  All the cards came out cool.  I put the Greco and Impressionist on hidden and just show the Expressionist one as that got the most votes.  I may show the different styles to a couple gift shops around town and see if anyone is interested in carrying them.  So these notecards are only rejected because Expressionist came out ahead.

Mermaid Dreaming (El Greco) style
Mermaid Dreaming (El Greco style) notecard
Mermaid Dreaming (Impressionist) style
Mermaid Dreaming (Impressionist style) notecard
Mermaid Dreaming (Expressionist/Gr style) notecard
Mermaid Dreaming (Expressionist/Gr style) notecard

Cynthia, a friend, suggested I try putting the whole frame from the Greco style with the Expressionist style to have the complete arch. Trying it out.
Mermaid sees a Baby Kraken notecard
Mermaid sees a Baby Kraken notecard
came out a tad dark, redoing it lighter
Kimono notecard (change/personalize the text)
came out a tad dark, redoing it lighter

Mermaid Dreaming (impressionist style) postcard
Mermaid Dreaming (impressionist style) postcard


Bumper sticker is a bit smallish 3″x11″.  I should have doubled up the line and made the text bigger. So will do that next time it is on sale.  Other than that, it was cool.Crazy Cat Lady bumpersticker Bumper StickerCrazy Cat Lady bumpersticker Bumper Sticker

This was my first cat shirt. When it arrived, one of the ears was fairly close to the back wall in color so it was hard to see. I’ve redone the cat and burned in the ear a bit to get it to show up more so there is a later shirt I am now waiting on.
Cactus Catz T-Shirt
Cactus Catz T-Shirt

My first design — mostly I wanted to test the whole process and keychains were on sale that first day.  I’ve already received it so my first post/tutorial/review is up. Winter is a good friend of mine in Second Life.  The keychain is a sandwhich type rather than embedded so I didn’t like it.  I’ve decided not to do keychains.

Winter piano keychain

Winter piano keychain


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