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Merch Amazont-shirts

Design 31 : Latte Haiku t-shirt

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Yay! I finally made another t-shirt.  So happy.  Actually made two so I’m on a roll.  Here is my first one.  What do you think? and …


Who’s a Crazy Cat Lady?

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I did this cat mug for fun because I love cats and mugs are off 50% today, April 16th.  Part of my one design a day …


Coffee is here! Sale

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A fun 20 oz coffee mug for those of us who panic without our caffeine. On sale April 16th for 50% off. “Coffee” is personalizable so …


My first apron and ad

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​ Okay on this one, I started to learn to do an ad.  Version 1 is the original.  Version 2 is the third improvement.  What do …

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