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Review : kimono flower post-its and other random thoughts

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Kimono flowers post-its 3×3 (personalize) post-it notes I got back the Kimono Flower post-it.  I’m pretty happy with it.  It came back a bit lighter than …


Design 18. Pinkie Redux

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I said I would redo the Pinkie redux and and just got back the redone design.  There are some differences. I burned in Pinkie’s ear on …


2nd design : Cactus Catz t-shirt review

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Ok, my second design Cactus Catz t-shirt arrived.  I used my calico Pinkie as the centerpiece of my design. I thought she was cute and did …


My first zazzle keychain : tutorial & review

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Okay, just received my first design back as a keychain. Here is the image I started with.  Keychains were on sale that first day I tried …

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